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Microcontrollers for beginners? Answered

I am completely new to the world of microcontrollers. Does anyone know of any books, or websites that give a basic understanding of programming microcontrollers? Thanks!



Best Answer 10 years ago


I would check out arduino. I just got one. It interfaces with my Mac very well and its fairly easy to program. There is a tutorial section on the arduino website.

If you're looking for a printed guide, I bought the book above and it is dead simple to understand. It starts at square one with programming languages and even goes into a bit about electricity.

If you decide to go the picaxe route, I have some tutorials on programming the picaxe with logicator on you tube. A link to the first video in the series is below


Thanks, that website is really cool! Ive been working with the arduino microcontrollers but have begun ti look at more difficult stuff like the PICs.


10 years ago

I too am new to the world of microcontrollers and i strongly reccomend that you start off with the picaxe system bacause they are basicly PIC microcontrollers with a bootstrap code already on them. you can get a tutorial board that will teach you pic basic and how to use the picaxes. you can get all the info you need from http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picax and you can also buy the tutorial board from them! hope this helped!!! please give me best answer!!!