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Microphone re: Firestart tv and concerns of privacy Answered

I have one of those new 55 in Firestart Tvs . Do I have privacy and security knowing the microphone is not spying on me? Is there any hidden cameras in these tv.s. I really wish I hadn't bought this type either.

I don't use it and hate when I accidently press microphone. Going to try to get help getting the microphone out.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

It sounds to me like you have feelings of buyer's remorse, and paranoia.

But you probably did not start this post just to talk about your feels.

I approve of your plan to disconnect the microphone, and camera (if it has one), of your new TV.

However, doing so will require that you take the cover off your TV, and you will probably have to read the manual as well.

By the way, there are two manuals: a user manual, and a service manual. The service manual has superior technical detail, but it is harder to find. However, do not discount the user manual, because it may hold valuable clues as well.

By the way, I could not locate any manual for your "55 in Firestart TV", or "Firestart 55 TV", or "Firestart TV", or other obvious permutations. I have never heard of that model or brand, and seemingly no one else has either.

The reason you might have to read the manual, and maybe do some other research too, is because you are seeking clues about where, in the TV, these little devices are located.

According to Sun Tzu, knowing your enemy is half the battle.

The other half is knowing yourself. Do you know how to use a screwdriver? Can you take things apart with breaking them, and put them back together? Can you recognise what a bare microphone or camera looks like, if you saw one in its natural habitat, hiding in a forest of wires and other electronic components?

I dunno. I tried looking for a video to show you how to locate, and unplug, a microphone in a smart TV, but the best I found so far was one demo doing this for a laptop. At least that will show you what a microphone, or camera, looks like.

And yes, it typically is a little board or module connected by wires and a connector. So usually, most of the time, it will be as easy as just physically unplugging a connector.


1 year ago

Privacy is no concern here.
Just check how well Alexa and Google perform in this field.
Oh, wait, they already violated our privacy in the past several times...

Jokes aside, privacy is important these days.
Whoever and whatever can, will track you and collect data about you.
Spying by camera or microphone is possible but usually a hacker won't really bother with it.
But as the past has shown official service providers are not always nice when it comes to privacy.