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Microphone sensitivity range? Answered

Can a normal microphone as present in most headsets detect noise levels below and/or  above human audible frequencies. And if so  is it possible to see the audio waveform for such noises using such a mic?



7 years ago

Consumer mic... Not really. Some of the pro mics that I own... Yes. The problem with mics is that they all have tiny imperfections that we can't hear. If a mic can hear itself in a speaker, those imperfections get louder and louder making what we know as feedback. (that's the easiest way to explain it... It's not 100% sound guy kosher, but it gives you an idea about what mics can hear that you and I can't.)


7 years ago

It very much depends on the subject microphone. Few consumer mics supplied with things like recorders, video recorders, karaoke machines etc. have much range. Probably most have less than the average human ear. but if you're willing to spend a little money you can find a mic that is capable of "hearing" much higher than the human ear can hear.  For lower freq's. you could just use a good woofer speaker.  It is capable of "hearing" much lower than the human ear can register.

This mic. has a very wide response going from 6 hz to 140,000 hz.  This is much wider than human hearing.

To see these frequencies you can use a frequency meter or much better yet an oscilloscope.  An oscilloscope is capable of displaying frequencies high into the radio frequency range.