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Microphone wiring? Answered

I have a broken microphone. Its wire is cut  inside the insulation. i want to replace the entire cable.

when i removed the plastic cover of the microphone i saw a red and a black wire soldered to it. 
Therefore it uses only 2 wires but in the connector it is a TRS one not a TS one. i will also replace the connector. 
i am wondering how should i wire a TRS connector which has 3 leads. one being the common ground. but the other 2.  should i short them out and connect the red wire or must I connect the wire to only one lead? 

Then if i buy a $0.2 TS connector and i wire it accordingly. will it work?

One another question does the microphone device has polarity that is should i connect  positive to positive and negative to negative lead. because there is no indication on the Mic?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

The simplest way to answer this: Take the section of the wire that has the plug, and do some continuity tests to see which color wire connects to which contact on the plug. Replicate those connections when you attach the new cable.

(If this is a cassette-recorder type microphone which has a switch, the third contact will be for the switch.)

Beyond that, the answers depend on the type of microphone. Electret mikes are different from dynamic mikes are different from crystal mikes.


9 years ago

Electro static shield, used to avoid electronic noise, radio waves, etc.
From invading your microphone amplifier. !



Answer 9 years ago

Cheap consumer mikes usually rely on twisted-pair for noise rejection, rather than shielding. Works well enough in most circumstances.