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Microprocesso Answered

anyone here has a pin diagram of intel core i3 7100 and AMD A 6300 and its labels?..just for my school project..


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Well, universally, for any integrated circuit (IC), if you want to know which pin does what, the information for that is contained in a document called a, "data sheet", or sometimes it is spelled as just one word, "datasheet".

This is a document published by the manufacturer of the IC, and typically they, the manufacturer, give this document away for free, almost always as a PDF.

Anyway, for the chips you are looking for, I think the easy to find the datasheet, is to first look up the particular microprocessor, in a list of them on a Wikipedia page for that, e.g. , "List of Intel Core i3 microprocessors"


Then from the column of the table there that says "model number", a lot of those link to the pages at the manufacturer's web site. Example, "Core i3-7300" links here,


Then somewhere in that page there is a link to the actual datasheet. I think it is under some words that say, "Supplemental information", "datasheet", "View now"


Actual link to the PDF:


Anyway, it looks to me like the information, on what pin does what, is actually in that document.

Unfortunately it is very boring to look at. You know, a modern microprocessor has a few hundred pins. Looking at the list of all of them, it is kind of like looking at a phonebook. Although I might be dating myself by saying that. Has any of you kids ever actually seen printed paper phonebook?


If you want something to show your teacher, or classmates, that is more visually appealing, try to find, like, a functional block diagram. Like the one shown on page 11 of that PDF I linked to previously. It is more abstract. You just have little blocks for the various data busses, like "DDR4 System Memory", "PCI Express x16", "Cameras", "Audio Codec", etc.

By the way, I expect the same method, i.e. looking the microprocessor model in Wikipedia, then looking for a link into the manufacturers web pages ( again under the column "model number") will work for AMD's processors too.


although I could not figure out which particular one, is the one you call "AMD A 6300", and you might as well look that one up yourself anyway, because I don't want to do all your work for you.


2 years ago

What have you searched so far ?