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Military advice wanted, how to improve chances of getting the B4 ASI enlisting as a 11X/B? Answered

I've wanted to acquire the training of a Marine Scout Sniper for a while, but decided against it. I read and found out that me getting a chance for Sniper School were pretty small, and that I'd rather not spend a majority of my military career on a boat with the Navy. (No offense intended to either the Navy or Marine Corp.)

Recently, I discovered the Army offers something similar. (ASI B4) Even If I wasn't able to get that training, I would still (probably) be Infantry, which isn't half bad.

How does Marine Basic differ from Army Basic?
How does Marine Sniper School differ from the Army School? Are they the same?
How many schools are available for military use in the US?
What is the washout rate for the Benning School?
What is the psych evaluation like?
How is GT score (I assume from the ASVAB,) calculated?
Is there a certain AIT I would have to pass to be eligible for Sniper School?


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9 years ago

Infantry? What about the other half bad part? You might want to PM thematthatter who might be able to clue you in on current active duty Army life. Everybody that signs up wants to be a sniper,  yeah,  play America's Army.  You might want to start badge collecting with AIRBORNE, AIR ASSAULT, RANGER, PATHFINDER, SAPPER, SPECIAL FORCES... 


9 years ago

Contact the school you are intersted in and ask them.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

I'm pretty sure that to be a sniper you first have to qualify as AB Normal. 

Of course I'm joking about that.  AB Normal? They want someone AB normal, or abnormal....

Erm... anyhoo, you might want to try asking questions like these to an actual recruiter for one of those esteemed organizations, Army/Marines/whatever.  Sometimes they share the same office space.

Although be warned: from everything I've heard/seen/read those recruiter guys will basically tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to sign up.  They've got quotas to fill.

Also I'm not sure how good of deal the whole package is. To me it kind of looks like most of these kids that sign up for the military are being exploited in the worst way, maimed and killed in unnecessary wars, and then left on the streets, scared and broken, to fend for themselves. 

Basically today's enlisted personnel are tomorrow's homeless.

But if really want to shoot people in the head from 200 yards.  I mean if that's your dream, I say do it!  If you have to, you should just get a rifle and start practicing on your own. With targets of course, not with real bad guys.

Although if you want the camaraderie, and um, whachallit.? .. um... sanction, erm... legality, that comes from being part of an elite fighting force and also being a government employee, well that's OK too I guess.

In any case, I hope you find what you are looking for.