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Minecraft Pigs, Sea Creatures, Blueberry Hair Barrettes and More at Knox Makers @ InstaMorph Build Night Answered

Members and guests of Knox Makers had a great time experimenting with InstaMorph during our Build Nights.

First, we tried using InstaMorph with heat guns and magnetic metal shop trays because that is all that we had at the time.

We figured out a few important things pretty quick:
  1. Metal gets hot.
  2. Metal heat guns stick to magnetic shop trays.
  3. InstaMorph sticks to EVERYTHING.
This led us to important realizations:
  1. We need olive oil.
  2. We need to avoid magnetic shop trays for this purpose.

Through experimentation, we figured out that putting colored thermoplastic pellets on top of InstaMorph projects and then gently heating can cause cool effects where the pellets melt into the InstaMorph in wild and beautiful patterns.

We had fun creating sea creatures together, everyone felt comfortable diving into their own projects, and we even used the InstaMorph to craft our own set of tongs for crafting InstaMorph, because meta.

We broke down and got hold of a digital induction warmer and pan made for it. This made things go more smooth. Or rather, more safe.

We found out that the InstaMorph does OK at the recommended temperature at our sea level (approximately 265 meters elevation above the sea level), but it cools and hardens VERY quickly and is difficult to work with. Most of our participants actually seemed to enjoy the more dangerous heat fun method more than the digital induction warmer method. We did not try other methods and we suspect that noninduction water heating would have worked a little better.

We had multiple Build Nights with the InstaMorph to give plenty of people in the community time to toy around with it and come back with their own ideas. We also had members and guests experiment during our Open Hack Nights and at other times.

In all, we had a blast. We ended up with 8 different tutorials out of it all, and you can check them out here in this collection:


We may add more over time, depending on interest.

Thanks for reading!


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