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Mini-book pin's Answered

Okay, so I'm trying to make some mini-book pin's. Well actually I'm not sure it's actually called "pin's" in English... it's a thing that was popular in the 90's (in France at least), a decorative object with a pin on the back and a kind of clip to attach it to clothing. I've found a picture on wikipedia, but it's really, really bad quality and I'm not sure it will help : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6a/Pins01.JPG

Sooo... since I ruined my girlfriend's one when I put it with her clothes in the washing machine, I thought I could try to do one my self... shouldn't be too hard, heh ?

But my problem is : I have some thin paper for the pages, and nice leather-like paper for the cover, but I have no idea how to glue the pages together, because the mini-book needs to be openable like a real book. I tried some "2 coat rubber cement" I got here but it just doesn't work... I don't have a glue gun but I think maybe it is the kind of thing I need. You see, the glue has to be solid enough to form the spine of the book.

Anyone has an idea about what I should do (I hope I've been clear enough) ?
One problem I'm thinking of, too, is that the book has to stay well closed unless you really want to open it.

Anyway, thanks


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13 years ago

Glue guns are between 90 and 95% evil, so it's good that you don't have one.

Wheat paste and PVA glue are the traditional book binding glues. Yes paste is my favorite brand. Leather might be best suited to an epoxy, though.

Considering that you want it to stay closed, if I were making it I would use a Japanese Stab Binding - http://www.sff.net/people/Brook.West/bind/bindit.html is a basic direction, and quick web search would show you tons of different stitching patterns. Books like that are usually beautiful, and would probably more than make up for washing her last one. Let me know if you have any questions - I've done LOTS of bookbinding before.


Reply 13 years ago

Thanks for the indications, I did think of using needle and thread but I think it's going to be too difficult for a book the size I'm planning to do (around 1x2 cm), I'm going to investigate this, though. If I fail, then I'll try these glues you indicated (or maybe before, depending on my mood). Thanks again, I'll come back when there is some development.