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Miniature arduino controlled smoke generator Answered

I'm looking to build a Miniature arduino controlled smoke generator for a static model of a B-17 Flying Fortress (so it has to be quite small). 
I'm going to add stepper motors for the engines and start them in sequence, have Wav files for the start up and running, lights etc but I'm also looking to create the gout of smoke that is generated at start up.
Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated, it has to be controllable so that it can be timed for each of the engines.
I was looking at the something like the smoke generators on the model railroads but wasn't sure how they work.
Thanks in advance.



2 years ago

Thanks guys, yeah I've been looking at those e-cigs they're a bit confusing but I thinks it's just the atomisor unit I need, about $3 off of Aliexpress.

It needs to be excessible if it needs to be refilled etc.


2 years ago

Back in the day I used smoke powder from a model rocket supply store.
Filled in small aluminium tubes (about 4mm inner diameter) and ignited with a simple heating wire.
If you need much more smoke a bigger pipe can be fitted into the belly of the beast with thin copper piping going where you need it.
Of course you can include the smoke pipe into the stand for easy replacement and use the smoke pipes to hold the model.