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Minor bug - re-entering contest if entry hasn't been approved yet Answered

This is just a minor bug report: if you've already entered a contest but your entry hasn't been moderator-approved yet, then the option to enter the contest is still available and it will let you repeat the entry; as opposed to giving you some message like "Your entry in this contest has already been received and is awaiting moderator approval".

I entered a handful of contests over the weekend (Raspbery Pi, Make it Glow, and Hardware Hacking) and received the usual emails that my entries had been received and were awaiting moderator approval. Today, in a moment of absentmindedness, I clicked "Add to Contests" under "Author Options" on one of my Instructables (to  "Make It Glow", which I'd already entered over the weekend). Instead of getting a message that I'd already entered, I got a confirmation on-screen and a short time later received another confirmation email.

So, I realize at the end of the day I won't actually wind up with duplicate entries in the contest - this just seems like it would create slightly more work for the Instructables staff if they have to wade through accidental duplicate entries (hopefully nobody would intentionally take advantage of this to spam-enter your own entry 100 times to draw attention from the mods...which seems like a great way to be rejected from the contest).

System info:

Windows Vista 64-bit (embarassing, I know)
Firefox 25.0.1
Duplicate entries occurred with this URL: https://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-Christmas-Light-Timer-with-Raspberry-Pi-a/


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7 years ago

Thanks for letting us know.

Each entry will only show up one, both on our moderation system and in a contest. Not being notified that you are entering an already entered contest is a minor annoyance. We'll add that to the list.

Ben Finio
Ben Finio

Reply 7 years ago

Ok - if it only shows up once in your moderation system then this isn't really a big deal at all. Thanks for the response.