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Minors entering contests Answered

I'm just after a bit of clarification on the rule regarding minors entering contests. The rules state that minors must have the consent of a parent to enter and said parent must agree to the rule themselves. Is there a way (is it even necessary) for this to be done when they enter, ie. is there something to be filled out by the parent when they enter or is it just a case of  someone from instructables may question them and then I would have to answer that I did consent?
One of the twinkids wants to enter a contest. I was going to just let her enter her instructable under my name, but figured why not let her get the credit by having her own account.



8 years ago

No worries, it's pretty simple. If a minor wins, we've got a parental consent form for you to give your OK. The concern is that you've agreed to have a prize (say, a laser cutter) shipped to your kid. ;)


Reply 8 years ago

Ok, thanks. She will be pleased as she has some ideas of things to do and I think she can be quite creative. She may as well have her own account as she is less then a year away from being an adult and will no logger need my consent anyway :-)


8 years ago

I just posted a long response to this, but it evaporated.

Basically, it's OK for minors to win prizes, as long as a grown-up tells the site it's OK. (See Conker-X)