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Miscategorized Wanted/Free posts Answered

I understand that people want to ask for things, and want maximum exposure of their request but, to the best of my knowledge, that's what the Wanted category is for. The free category is for things you are giving away, not things you're asking for. The forum is all messy with Free Pro Membership Giveaways, and Wanted posts, and it's difficult to sift through to see any actual posts for free items.

Is there a way we can better avoid this, or be more strenuous about enforcing or self-enforcing this?


Sorry, not tryin' to be a jerk, but if you can put any kind of post in the free section, it shouldn't be a separate section, ya know?



The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

3 years ago

And also it's hard to separate recent posts from the older ones. Most of the posts you'll on the top was posted some or 7 or even 9 years ago!


7 years ago

Er, this should be in Feedback...