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I entered a question about if a wired detonator with a 9 volt that is linked to steel wool would burn hot enough/long enought o ingite either aerosol or blackpowder for projects i mess with and it never appeared and idk why. Basicaly my question was..would a 9 volt with 1 wire to each terminal with aligator clip on each wire with a peice of steel wool clipped into each 1 burn hot enough and long enough to ignite aerosol or gunpowder. Idk why my question is missing and im really hoping for a quick answer on my problem and question.


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11 years ago

It isn't missing, it's delayed by filters.  That tends to happen with questions that involve words that are clearly weapon-oriented.

To answer your question, though: yes.

You'll have to fiddle a bit to find the balance between the temperature and the number of strands of wool, but it should work.

For a better version, though, google for electric match, and try and get hold of some nichrome wire.  Thin nichrome, connected to a 9V cell will get hot enough to light a match-head if it is wrapped in the wire.