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Mk 219 fuze container value? Answered

I got this today at goodwill for $2.68 USD
From what i got off the label Its some sort of ammo can for mk 219-3 fuze.
Made by Nash-Kelvinator (automobile meets refrigerator) in 1943.  I know in the 40's everyone was into the war effort so its not that strange that an appliance/auto company would be making bomb fuzes.

the MARK designation means Navy.

My question, i picked this up to utilize as a small box for my smaller tools. Its in really good condition for being 68 years old. The inside is only scratched where the fuzes would have been rubbing the paint. (almost as if it contained live ordnance up until now). I checked ebay and havent seen any of these online.  Anyone have any idea how much its worth or rarity?(if its worth more than a tool box ill just sell it and buy a nice craftsman or something)



Best Answer 5 years ago

Not a lot - In the end it's a 60+year old box!


Answer 5 years ago

well thanks.. I think its a neat piece of history to show the shift from American manufacturing of consumer goods to mil stuff for the war effort.
Ill just line it with cardboard so it wont get too dinged up and show it off to who ever will listen to me.