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Mobile Solar LED marquee Answered

I've got a feasibility question for the forum.

I'm interested in prototyping an outdoor solar-powered LED marquee-display drawing messages from a modem/SIM card (and therefore updatable via SMS).

The modem piece of this is certainly possible, I think I could whip this together with an arduino board if necessary.  The solar piece is questionable, given the voltage requirements of even a small LED display + modem + controller.

Would love to hear people's thoughts on where to start with this.  I'm considering using the LED marquee instructable, or even creating the dot-matrix myself.  There are also hundreds of display manufacturers, so it seems like tinkering with a 12V display might be the fastest solution.  In terms of solar powered displays, however, I've found only one company doing this, and the costs are enormous.  

Thanks for reading.


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maxwells Eatery
maxwells Eatery

10 years ago

I'm interested in such a sign for my business. Please let me know if you know of any available.

christine Silver