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Mobile phone wind generator Answered

at school, I am making a mobile phone generator. It's only GCSE so my apologies for my lack of knowledge. It is meant to be a "wind generator" but it can basically be a renewable generator via motion. So since I get to take it home afterwards I designed it to be a little record player where you turned the platter and it would change a phone. This is where I need some help. Would this 24v motor provide enough juice to charge a lithium ion battery (with a boost or buck converter [if needed to step down to an appropriate voltage] then a constant current protection circuit etc) the output 5v to charge your phone?

Here is the motor:



For non-British readers :  a GCSE is (in the UK except Scotland) a qualification in a specific subject typically taken by school students aged 14–16, at a level below A level.


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4 years ago

What matters is the nominal power consumption of the motor at the specified voltage.
If you match this speed you will be pretty close to the input voltage.
To charge a phone half decent you not only need around 2amp available but also the right voltages on tha data lines - I wrote something about this but Google will tell you what you need.