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Mobile site has no short term memory Answered

The mobile site, when viewed on an iphone, wants me to add instructables from my home screen, even when I've launched instructables from that link I added to my home screen last time I was here. 

Also, once I've closed that little box, selected an instructable to read, and started in on it, the page brings me back to the top once it finishes loading. I may be half way through by then. Leave me where I was please. 

Also, while this next nit is basically self fulfilling, once I've written a post, why can't I instapost? Why must I preview? This isn't my first time on an Internet. I can read it here on the edit screen. If I've inserted pictures and fancy text and whatnot, I might want to ppreview for formatting, but this is just text. Instapost! (I almost hope I have an accidental carriage return or a line of all caps that I would have caught in the forced preview. That would serve me right).


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8 years ago

1. I agree - that pop-up is annoying.

2. In the mobile version, it is instant posting - there is no preview option (see the attached screengrab from my iPod).