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Modding table? Answered

I want to make a work table not for stuff like carpentry and hammering
I need a table for modding nerf guns or making small things like my instructable (link at bottom)
This table needs to some way to organizing tools and about 30 or so small materials
If anyone knows if there's a good guide to making one or has any tips please reply

Link to my guide



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9 years ago

What you're describing here isn't a workbench, but an "assembly table".

If you have the space available, a plain and unfinished (raw) internal door blank would be a good start - this will give you a flat, level (and cheap..) work surface, about 6'6 - 6'8" long, by 2'6" - 2'10" wide. Sand it down smooth, and seal and finish with two or three coats of some sort of clear gloss.. 

Because you won't be doing any bashing or heavy work on this particular table, there are a variety of supports you could consider sitting it on ~
e.g. an existing desk or table; or -
a couple of saw horses or trestles;
a workbench the same size or slightly smaller;
an arrangement of cupboards/drawers/filing cabinets - to suit;
a couple of stacks of bricks or concrete blocks;
dedicated legs and bracing..

You could then take your time creating a workspace on this table - using a selection of tool stands, tool boxes, and storage containers, any vices/clamps/holders that you like - and create a customised worktable to suit your own particular needs. And with the flexibility to adapt it to various tasks as needs be..

10 years ago

dude have you looked to buy one online? i know that takes away from some of the concept of it but i found a great work desk on http://www.twenga.com/
it has served me very well and it customisable, like you can move around all the compartments to get the sizes and arrangment you want... i cant remember what the brand is but i kow i found it on that site... good luck