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Model 500 Rotary Phone help Answered

I am custom painting one of my Model 500 Western Electric Rotary Phones for my brother's birthday.

I am considering modifying the ringer, or even adding an alternate ringer via a switch, that will play an electronic ring of my choice. Specifically I want it to play the fight song of his College.

This site has a schematic of the model 500. I am a little vexed as to whether or not I can pull this off, can anyone add some help?



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12 years ago

. The ringer gets, IIRC, ~90VAC (pulsed DC? Search for POTS for details). You need a circuit that will sense the signal (may need to latch it in) and activate your alternate ringer. Should be fairly easy to find the circuit you need as few modern 'phones use electro-mechanical ringers any more.