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Modeling Mathematical Objects for 3D Print in 3dsmax or Blender3d Answered

Hello, everyone.  I'm making my first post here to share some techniques and tips for getting started with polygonal modeling of interesting mathematical shapes, which could be used in 3d printing.  Math objects are quite popular in the 3d printing community due to their seemingly complex visual appearance, and overall unique aesthetic for creation of jewelry and other useful printed objects.  These tutorials are for use primarily with the modeling and animation software, Autodesk 3dsmax, or the free open-sourse Blender 3d.  However, the basic principals of these techniques can be translated to almost any capable polygonal modeling software.

3D Tutorial | Modeling Triply Twisted Torus With Holes | 3dsmax

3D Tutorial | Model A Mobius Strip Pendant | 3dsmax

Modeling a Mobius Strip Pendant In Blender 2.73

3D Tutorial | Model a Scherk-Collins Saddle Surface Ring | 3dsmax

3d Tutorial | Voronoi Style Bracelet | 3dsmax

Model A Voronoi Style Bracelet In Blender 2.74

These are but an example of nearly a dozen different mathematical and abstract models at my channel.  All tutorials are 100% free, of course, and I'd be happy to help you with any issues you may face along the way.  Keep in mind, in order to follow along with these videos, you will need to use the Autodesk 3dsmax software, or the free Blender 3d software, and have at least some intermediate  experience in polygonal modeling in general. These tutorials are not intended for total beginners to 3d modeling, unfortunately.

Enjoy, and I hope you find something useful.


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