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Monster battery pack for pedalboard Answered

Hi! first of all happy being here in such a full and interesting community.
Since some time i have an idea fix, i would like to play guitar in the street, not for the sake of money but for pure entertainment. Following that intention i´m being gathering all equipment i need for that purpose. I was asking myself the question about power source for all that stuff.
Actually i can make it easy, since i already bought roland cube street, that runs on 6 AA batteries. BUT, i guess nobody here likes easy things. Therefore here is my project: using acoustic guitar with 4 effects and the amp running on the SAME external battery pack.

short description of the project :
4s4p battery pack for a total of 14,8V and 12 000 Mah more or less.. will depend on cells themselves. Theoretically it will mean 10 hours or continuous run with all of equipment. of course there will be step down converter and other bells and whistles that i will be happy to share once i start doing it.

Questions mainly are :

I know that Boss pedals have center negative connection, What the hell does it mean? please someone help with this cause im getting mad. Is it just inverting the leeds? positive one going to the sleeve and negative/ground to the pin? OR it means that the pin has to be  minus 9V? This is the main question as i dont want to burn 200 euros pedals

second and less important one:
i will mostly go with NCR18650GA units. And will arrange a balanced pack. As the charging rate is 1A rough it takes 3,5 hours to charge. If the total capacity is 12 amp as i'm planning will it be neccessary to wait 12 hours to charge it or 4s4p scheme will still need 3,5 hours to charge all of cells at the charge rate of 1A, can i also charge it at faster rate as cells state that discharge rate is10A and so i coud use up to 10A charger? Or maybe the smart chargers identify by themselves the best charge rate?

thank you in advance please know it's my first project of the kind :D


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4 years ago

So to answer the first question, if your referring to the power input and its a barrel plug. Center negative means that the inside of the barrel jack is the negative, and the outside is the positive. This is opposite to what power adapters normally are. So your right about reversing the leads.

For the second question. it is best to charge a battery at one C or lower. So if the battery is 12,000, you can charge it at up to 12 amps. normally slower = better because it provides more time for the battery's chemical reactions to reverse. So if you have the time just let charge slowly. Also don't forget to put the battery at a storage charge when you aren't going to use it for awhile.

I hope you have found this helpful.


Reply 4 years ago

Hey! thank you a lot. Resolved my both questions with clarity. thanks man