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More Component IDs Please Answered

Hi All,

I'm struggling to ID a couple more components

I just thought they were pots of some description but when I put a meter across them I get around 0.2-3 ohms for both

The yellow coloured one has no markings on it that I can see

The grey one is marked




Googling that isn't getting any results... HELP!!!!!



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 2 years ago

The yellow one is a variable capacitor. The gray one is a variable resistor, also called potentiometer.

I humbly suggest looking at the pictures, in the Wikipedia articles titled, "Variable capacitor" and "Potentiometer",



and contemplating, whether or not, any of the pictures there look similar to your components.

Regarding the text scribbled on the gray potentiometer, "72P103", I am guessing the "103" part of that, is just the usual resistor color code (or number code) for,
10*10^3 = 10 000 ohm = 10 Kohm.

Also I am guessing your pot is a linear taper, rather than log taper, but that is really kind of a wild guess on my part. Mostly just me guessing the linear ones are more common.

Also I am curious what your ohmmeter says when you simply touch its two probes together. I am going to guess it measures around 0.2 to 3 ohms. In other words, I am guessing that is what it says when it measures a short, or resistance that is smaller than, or about the same size, as the resistance in the probe wires.


2 years ago

Yellow one looks like a variable cap, like found in the tuning circuits for radio.


Reply 2 years ago

1+ Yellow is and adjustable capacitor.
To measure the value you need a suitable multimeter or capacitor tester.
See this brass "half moon" ?
Turn it to be fully aligned with the half disk underneath and you get the highest capacitance, turn it so the half moons are facin each other and you should have close to zero as the value.
If you desolder it there might be a marking underneath, like 22n or 2k or similar.

The other parts is either a multi switch or due to the markings a selective resistor - basically every number on the dial corresponds to a fixed resistor value.
Again, more marking might be hiding underneath.
And to measure it properly you would have to desolder it.