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More infos on profile pages. Answered

Hello everybody.

What I would like to see, is more infos on users' profiles. Currently there are: Instructables (very good), Views (completely not important I think), Comments (somewhat important if We want to check if user is active).

And that's it. Nothing more. 

What is missing is:
- Instructables User made - super important, right after list of instructables created. I am very surprised it is not there!!!
- Some basic info where particular user is from. Description page is not enough. People most often leave it empty or They don't put any usefull infos.
- Links to User's YouTube channels or other social media profiles. We don't live only in Instructables.



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4 years ago

Thank You for Your answer.

"Instructables done by user", not user's own, but from others. When I make some instructable somebody posted, I can click "I made it" (that's why I wrote "User made" in opening post). So it could be nice to show to the world how good I am, and how many stuff I did (not my instructables, but instructabled from other users).
Then I can see e.g. that somebody created a lot of Instructables (Their own), but none from other persons. This means something (for me).

Location - true, I missed it. Sorry about that.

Social links - The only entry on profile edit page is website. Is that it? People often has Their own YouTube channels, Instagram profiles, etc...


Reply 4 years ago

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Yes! I would love if the I'bles that I've commented on with "I made it!" would show up here, in the bottom under collections.

There's only one, however if you want more, do what I've done. Some people leave a link to their facebook/twitter/Instagram at the end of their I'ble too.


4 years ago

User made? Typo, or do I not understand? Date joined? I find that after not having it, it isn't that important. Perhaps a badge would be preferred.

Location: already exists.

Link to social media: already exists.

Description? I see you're here almost a month, so you might not know, but we had that in the previous version of the profile pages. What are you interested in knowing more about?

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