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More than one computer on a single CPU? Answered

Ok, at this place I go, there is a set of 4 monitors all connected to one "Computer" but they are all seperate computers. There is 4 seperate keyboards, mice, and speakers. They are all connected to the computer by network cables. It is interesting, I was wondering if anybody has ever heard of this before, b/c I want a program like this. Actually what I was looking at was a ncomputing thin client, but If anybody could help me think of a cheaper option because these cost about 1100 per terminal box (i need 3-4)



Best Answer 10 years ago

They may have been running Windows Terminal Server, using 3 or 4 thin clients. You can also install a desktop pager, to give yourself multiple desktops, on one console, but if you want multiple consoles and one computer, it's thin clients. VMware is also a one-console system, unless you use other computers on the network as VMware thin clients.


Answer 10 years ago

Actually I figured out that they were using 3 thin clients off of a desktop.............. hmm......now i need to shop a little more on ebay


10 years ago

Virtualization likely. VMWare is one software you can run.