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Most Reliable way to wire Led Arrays Answered

I am working on one of my first Led projects. Its a set of tail lights for my Jeep. I have been doing a lot of reading and I am having a very hard time trying to lock down weather I should run them in parallel or in series. Im under the inpression that in series is the most reliable way. Yes?

Any help you could give would be great.




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10 years ago

technically the most reliable is having all of the leds in parallel with individual resistors.
The most efficient way is to have as many in series as possible (still reliable, but if one thing in the line breaks they all go out.

Like what sahat said, a combination of a bunch of sets of series wired together in parallel is the best way for a situation like this.

The number of LEDs you can have in series in each set depends on the voltage avaiable (assuming 12v, yes?) and the color of the led.

One thing I don't agree with sahat on is the 7809 regulator, in this situation it's uneccessary, the LEDs willd o fine on a battery without a regulator.


10 years ago

Hi Jeremy,
I done this for my motorcycle before. What I do is to do a combination between parallel and series where on each line I limit to 3 led only and I use a 7809 IC to reduce and stablize the power to 9v

To make sure the led will not burn out I also put a resistor on each line. I hope this short explaination will give some clue.

Kind regards,