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Most Superlative Object In the Office This Month: Bun B's Rap Coloring And Activity Book Answered

Most objects are easily discussed. One simply drapes an adjective or three over it, and calls it well-described. 

Occasionally, though, one comes across an object that can only be described as Superlative. Singularly Awful, Amazingly Awesome, Incredibly Unbelievable. Usually draped in exclamation points, often overused, and affective in the extreme, these Things Above Things are worth sharing with the Instructables Community in and of themselves.

This week, the most Superlative Object we spy with our little eyes is a book brought to our attention by the mighty Wilgubeast.

For those of us whose adolescent and teenage years were punctuated by the boisterous and boastful, rhythmically dense and ethically spare Music Known To Some As Rap, there can only be one gift to give one's favorite B-Boy or B-Girl: "Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book".

The Rap Game has more than its share of colorful characters, and this book describes them visually and textually with verve and humor—worthy of particular praise are "Brain Boxing With The Genius", "E-40's Word Bank", and "Match The Scarface". There are word puzzles, connect-the-dots, and of course, lots of opportunities to test your crayon skills.

Should any of these challenges prove more than a reader can handle, our advice would paraphrase Ice T: "Don't Hate The Playa, Hate The Game".