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Most basic linux distro for robots and web browsing (preferably floppy bootable)? Answered

I have an old Dell dimension somethingorother that used to have win98 and I want to install some sort of linux distro that would allow me web brows (google chrome possible?) and use that pc to control robots, arduino, LED cubes, etc. easily with serial, usb, etc.

I'm new to linux but i tried installing ubunto with a CD then DVD but the instalation failed both times (IO error -the hard drive isn't in such great shape but win98 had been running fine, so I know it works). I scavenged a floppy drive and am hoping I could use that or a usb to install a distro.

Any ideas? 



8 years ago

Most Disro's are available to put on USB its great you can even test out its features and if it works well with your IDE software. I use Mint its probably a lot heavier than you looking for but I know it runs my Arduino great and comes with Firefox and Thunderbird built in.
A good place to start might be:
Use this software to make you USB Live (put Linux on it) last time I checked it even downloads the Distro for you nice and easy, then plug and... play!

Juggling Knives

8 years ago

I would try Puppy Linux, it is made for this type of thing.
If you want an even simpler version of Puppy you can try BrowserLinux http://www.browserlinux.com/