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Mother/Son Event Answered

Our grade school is hosting a mother/son night in March.  Our theme is sports and movies.  This year the kids will visit 10-12 booths.  I have been assigned to do 2.
The creative side of me is excited while the other, less appealing side of me says...just survive.

I need ideas how to make it work.
I was appointed to do a Nerf booth and a another one- which I think they decided on cupstackers.  (heard of those?)

With Nerf, I don't have anything specific as to what to do in the booth only that I should plan to be there.
 Last year they shot the guns at jungle animals, getting points for each successful hit.

Because of the movie theme with sports, I was hoping to combine a movie with the sports, as many of the booths already have it.  Fishing booth has Finding Nemo and so on.

I would love to do something with Harry Potter and quidditch.  Or How to Train your Dragon.  
~ ideas, thoughts?


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