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Motion Detector Trail Camera Answered

Motion Detector Trail Camera

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Hello everyone.

I'm planning on building a motion detector triggered "trail" camera, as inexpensively as possible.  I want to use a cheap IC (integrated circuit), if possible, not a $45 Arduino.  I've learned that the most expensive component of this project seems like it will in all likelihood be the digital camera module (the lens and CCD, which is a pixelated digital sensor for the brightness and color of light).  However, I have an old webcam from which I could salvage the camera module out of, if reasonably convenient.  And this is the primary thing I think I'll need help with.

Beyond that, my plan is to get a cheap IC, plug the camera module into it on a breadboard, find (hopefully find and not have to delve into learning how to program this) some programming code for the IC to capture the image data and turn into some kind of conventional image file, and then capture the digital camera files on an SD card via SD card shield plugged into the IC via the breadboard.  After the initial project is finished, I'm thinking of taking it a step further by transferring the image files directly to a computer, and upload them immediately to the web but that will come later.

And of course write some code to signal the camera to shoot when the motion detector detects motion.  And do some research about which kind of motion detector I want and get it.  But this part seems relatively pretty easy.  Oh, and also get some kind of battery; probably a Li-Ion cellphone type battery with a shield or 'holder' for it.  Haven't yet researched about the shield / 'holder' part for that, but seems like it should be easy.

1) What kind of programming would I need for the IC to capture the image data from camera and turn it into conventional image file?  Where would I get it?  ...or what?  I just want pictures, not video.
2) How do I salvage the 'camera module' from a web camera for this?  Or rather, perhaps I should ask, once I salvage it, how exactly do I plug it into the IC to send the image data to the IC...?
3) What is a cheap but effective IC for this?

Anyways, thank you; cheers.


Oh, also wanted to note that I indeed have been looking through many tutorials about this stuff.  I guess I'm at that point where I feel like it would be worth it to write down where I'm at and ask for further directions.  Lol.  Thanks again.


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7 years ago

Don't salvage a sensor from a web cam. This will only further complicate your build and add further expense. Get yourself a cheap $20 digital camera and start with that. You'll have a hard time creating a driver board for a web cam that will snap pictures and store them for you. It would require a separate processing chip to handle the work load.

Are you familiar with programming an Arduino? If so you can get the ATmega328 chip for less than $4. Only other thing you would need is the clock crystal for it and your set to do anything you would with a full blown Arduino. Once you've flashed the arduino boot loader onto the chip that is. Or you can buy the chip with with the arduino boot loader already on it.


Now all you need is a motion sensor and it's example code to get you started. When the sensor detects movement it can activate a small relay wired to the camera's button and your all set. Other than placing it into a clear water proof container that is.