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Motion sensitive, people tracking light Answered

So I stumbled across a really neat lighting project on yanko design and I'd love to make one so I'm trying a two pronged approach: I'm emailing it's developers to ask nicely what they've done to do it, and conferring on this idea with the community here as I'd love to work on it to make more effective/ directive lighting. No need to light my whole reading room if I can make it smart.

Here's a link to the project to see what I'm yammering on about:



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9 years ago

I'm not sure what you're question is. I've come up with two possible questions:

1) How are they doing it?
-- I believe, and I may be wrong, that there are multiple light-detecting diodes around it, wired with an inverter. The inverter then feeds to a motor which will move only when someone walks infront of the diode. Just an idea.

2) How to make it light up only a small area?
-- Use smaller cups. As the title imposes, they are using paper cups. Make the holes smaller to light up a smaller area. Less intensity LEDs/bulbs will also do the trick.