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Motion sensor bypass Answered

my security light is equiped with a motion sensor, I would like to operate the fixture with a switch when needed and also by motion, how can I accomplish this


Jack A Lopez

11 days ago

Well, if you want both you and the sensor to be able to turn the light on, it seems to me you want your switch in parallel with its switch.

However if you want to be able to turn the light off, at times when the sensor thinks the light should be on, then it seems you would want your switch in series with its switch.

I am guessing you want the first case; i.e. your switch and its switch in parallel.

I cannot clearly see your insecurity light, and it very draining for me to use my powers to view it remotely.

However I was able to locate a drawing, made by someone who apparently was thinking the same thing I was thinking; i.e. just put your switch and its switch in parallel. I will attach a copy of that picture to my reply.

And I will give you the link to the discussion where I found this drawing, here:


By the way, if these infos do not bring you closer to enlightenment, especially if it is because the wiring of your insecurity light is very different from the usual cases, for which examples are already out there, then probably the thing to do is to share with this forum more specific information about your insecurity light specifically, e.g. picture of it, wiring diagram, or a link to a product page where it is sold.


12 days ago

If you don't have an electrical schematic of what's inside the fixture (Light / Sensor). Post the name and model number of the fixture and maybe we can look it up. Basically you can probably do it, but how to properly do it requires more info. Be aware that if all the circuitry is on a printed circuit board, it is probably to advanced for a novice to attempt. Pictures are helpful too if you can remove the housing and expose the interior wiring / components. Another suggestion is to email the manufacturer and ask them, of course anything you do to the fixture will probably void any warranty.


12 days ago

A detailed drawing would be helpfu