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Motion sensor to motor circuit setup Answered

Hi I'm trying to work out what I would need in terms of components and possibley wiring to produce a circuit of which will allow a motor to start for a short period of time once a motion sensor has been triggered then turn off automatically.

It is basically to track whether or not something has exited a large box rather than its entry, this is so that on exit of the box the motor will change the the internal environment but not be triggered by entry, only on an additional exit.

I am confortable with the mechanical side of this project however I am a novice to electronics and any help you could offer on the subject would be fantastic.

If you need more information please feel free to ask.
I could insert a quick sketch if this would help.



7 years ago

Fair comment,

essentially it is nothing heavy duty its mearly a 25 x 10 x 10cm static polyurethane box where a motor will be powering the rotation of a rubber belt & 10mm diameter gears within and possibley a few other lighter additions extending outside of the box.

I am trying to develop a method of changing an environment within the box by hand via motion sensors but only when the hand leaves the box itself, However I dont want to assume that a body part will allways be in the path of the sensor so a double reception response seems to be a little more applicable.

Normally I would stay within my comfort zone and use pneumatics but without the availabilty of a suitable air supply, electronics seems a more logical choice and potentially more fun.


7 years ago

It would help people to answer your question if you tell us what kind of motor or the size of the object you are trying to sense, i.e car in a garage, human going into the bathroom, robot going back into storage shed...

You may be able to adapt some other circuits or mechanisms. Motion sensors will usually trigger some kind of relay to turn on a motor. Maybe look at those public toilet sensors that auto-flush when someone leaves the stall. Good luck.