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Motor for ceiling mounted cargo box storage lift? Answered

Hi there,

A year or so ago, I purchased a Thule 571 Roof Mount Cargo Box Storage Lift and installed it on the ceiling in my garage.  The ceiling in the garage has a fairly high ceiling though and using the crank that came with the lift is a bit cumbersome to say the least.  I usually have to stand up on a tire of the car in order to reach the crank to turn it efficiently.

So the idea popped into my head that wouldn't it be really cool to connect a reversible electric motor to the lift so I could just flip a switch to lift it and then toggle the switch down to lower it.  

Here's a link to the specific product I'm using, which I think Thule has discontinued because I couldn't find it on their website tonight:  http://www.overheadgaragestoragesolutions.org/thule-571-roof-mount-cargo-box-garage-storage-solution/

My questions:

1) What size/spec motor should I get?
2) Where can I get the motor from?
3) I'm assuming that any electric motor can be reversible just by swapping polarity in the switch?
4) Do I need a belt to ensure that the motor doesn't spin the worm gear too fast or should it just be a direct connection?
5) Any other thoughts/ideas?

There's an open 110v outlet in the ceiling of the garage where the garage door opener is installed, so I could run a power cord to that outlet and then I presume I'll need to run a wired switch down to the wall of the garage where I want to be able to control the lift.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.  This would certainly make my life a bit easier to be able to quickly and easily raise and lower my ski box onto and off the roof of my car.  

Regards, David