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Motor in the newer style 80v lithium lawn mowers? Answered

Hello everyone,

I have been looking to source a motor very similar to the motors used in the newer 80v Lithium lawn mowers. Does anyone have any information on them? Do they use direct drive to the blade or belt etc?

Thank you!



3 years ago

Example of 1 specification

  • "Engine Type - 1500W Brushless Motor
  • Engine Capacity - 80V 4.0Ah
  • Net Power Output - 1500 watts
  • "

HOWEVER 80 volts is a 20 cell Lipo battery That's going to cost!

The battery has 32 W/hr available so can in theory run the motor for 2 hours although these are likely to be off load figures.

A 1500 watt brushless motor no available on Hobbyking but 1000 watts



3 years ago

The electric ones I had all came with a little belt to prevent damage.
Before the motor overheats the belt slips.
But that could be different in the high voltage models, why not check?