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Motor selection for Humanoid Answered

Hi All,

I have recently made a 6 degrees of freedom half-humanoid (no torso) using springRC analog servo. But, I realised that it cannot be made to walk unless the hinges are rigid. Joints are made of plastic.


After much thinking, I decided to make a new humanoid with parallel plates connected to one shaft. This way, the legs will not bend much. But, in most of the humanoids, that I have seen in instructables, 2 servos were used to control a joint. This will make it costly and program intensive.

Has anyone seen a servo motor which has a double ended shaft? I have browsed through Futaba and Hitec motors, but in vain.

Please help me out on this.



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11 years ago

The Hitec Robonova (humanoid) uses the exact servo you want.  The servos are made by hitec and retail for around $70.  It is the BHSR-8498HB.  Trossen Robotics carries them.  What is the controller board you are using, and also what is the programming enviroment? (I plan on making one soon and can't decide which one to use)