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Motor triggered by a vibration sensor Answered

Hi, my project consists of a vibration sensor that, when enabled, will trigger a motor which will function for a certain amount of time, then stop, and stay in this position as long as the sensor is detecting vibrations.
When the vibrations stop, I need the motor to reverse polarity and function in the opposite direction,for the same amount of time as before then stop, and repeat...
I'm a first year electrical engineer so please consider me a rookie in this field.
If someone could provide me with a suitable electrical circuit, with names and values for the part, i think i might be able to draw the corresponding board.


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7 years ago

A first year electrical student should ace this test. This is doable with a couple of 555s


Reply 7 years ago

But it takes someone with a doctorate or masters to turn this into a Rube Goldberg contraption, declare it as a piece of art and sell it for thousands.