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Motorcycle Camera Answered

I purchased a Honda Goldwing and with all the accidents and what not, I want to get a camera that will mount on the bike so if something happens I have a video of it. I don't know anything about them and I would like to be somewhat thrifty in price. Any Ideas?



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5 years ago

There are several options out there but for pure bike use you want something that is at least half decent waterproof.
I would recommend the DOD GSE580 if you know the area behind the windshield stays dry at all times.
Has full HD recording with automatic overwrite (15min loop for example) as well autoprotect in case of an accident (did not try this one yet ;) ) - so if it detects an accident the last file recorded won't be overwritten.
Of course you also get GPS coordinates, speed and a viewer tha gives you all these datas with the running video on the PC.

However if price and just video evidence is your concern I would for an action cam.
They are quite small, waterproof and just record at a push of a button, no screen, no fancy stuff.