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Motorized Monitor Lift idea - could I use a 775 motor (or 2) to power a lead screw lift? Answered

Okay so I have a couple of extra 775 motors laying around (12V-36V, roughly 8A and 10K rpm). Also some cheap lead screws and some fittings, and I'm wondering if I can use them for sort of a crazy idea I'm formulating (which I'll explain more later if you're curious). I'm not sure if I've ever seen a lead screw actuator with BLDC motors, which makes sense because lead screws are for precision and that's what steppers are for. But I don't really need precision at all. I'm not sure which kind of motors they use in the actuators that are pre-built for things like this, they're usually hidden inside a housing.

I've seen the DIY Perks build on YT where he used a 775 motor and a pulley system, and I realize pulleys are probably easier/better for a higher RPM motor. But I'm under the impression that BLDCs have more torque at lower speeds, and I want the whole lift assembly to be more compact than his if possible. Could my idea work if I was using a PWM controller to set the speed and some limit switches to shut it off? The load per monitor is about 10-15lb (5-7kg) and I have 8mm T8 lead screws. I basically have two of everything so if I figure out a lift that works well, I'd like to do a double monitor lift. Is this viable or no? Would it need reduction gears or something and just be too complicated? I'm about to mock something together and test it, but wanted to ask around first. I'm willing to scrap the lead screw idea if there's a better way.

My crazy idea if anybody's interested: I want to build the most over-complicated electronics station/desk PC ever. (If you haven't heard of a desk PC, it's exactly what it sounds like - a PC inside a desk.) I'm thinking the PC portion will remain static, but it will have the hidden double monitor lift, an adjustable height KB + M surface, and an extra ATX PSU inside the desk. With a remotely wired access panel for all of the switches, some binding posts, volt/ammeter displays, etc. A very literal take on the "benchtop power supply." Oh and also maybe a hidden wireless charging surface somewhere in there too.

I realize it will take wayyyyy more work than it's worth, but it would sorta be the culmination of several different skills I've been learning... but I'm still trying to learn some of them.

There are two ways I can go about it. 1) If the lead screws work, I have more or less everything I need to build a version of it. But it would be a janky, bulky, heavy version with a lot of wood (I get tired of seeing wood, I like a more industrial look). 2) My dream come true would be to build the whole frame with 8020 aluminum, then use polycarbonate or something for the top. More expensive for sure, but it would be much more rigid and compact. I built my sim racing rig with 8020 a couple years ago. Love that stuff. And you can get it for close to 50% off from their ebay store.


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