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Motorized Panoramic head with microcontroller Answered

Hi All,

I want to build a motorized panoramic head. It must be made in PIC or ATMEL because I have only these options. Arduino board are not available to me 

How it works. 

Its basically controlling two stepper motors using inputs from photographer. Photographer inputs values in parameters and than microcontroller uses these parameters to rotate camera frame and take pictures. Parameters are as under:

There are two stepper motors. One motor rotates frame of camera on x-axis and one rotates it on y-axis. 

1. For x-axis motor parameters

 a. Total numbers of steps to rotate.
b. One motor movement = 1 stepper motor step or more. For example we can move stepper 2      steps in on movement
c. After each movement (point#2) It takes image or press camera button by using relay or optocoupler
d Time Delay : When camera takes picture it takes time to save on memory card. We can define time in seconds as per picture size.
e : When it completes total number of steps defined in step#1. It moves back to its zero position.

2. For Y-axis moto parameters

a: When first motor completes its full number of steps than y-axis motor is activated.
b: y-axis: Total number of steps 
c: one movement = how much motor steps. just like x-axis motor parameter
d:   Time Delay : same as x -axis motor. time delay after tilting frame. 
e: y-axis motor just performs only one movement. Than again it activates x-axis motor.
f: Panoramas are made in multi rows. so this process of x-axis and y-axis motor activation should keep on going. It is terminated when y-axis motor completes its total number of steps.

So the whole process is like this

Turn on microcontoller 
Add parameters for x-axis and y-axis motors
click on start button
microcontroller starts rotating frame on x-axis
Frame start moving in steps.
Than frame completes its first x-axis turn
now microcontroller activates y-axis motor.
Y-axis motor tilts frame upper arm in one direction. 
 code checks it is Y-axis motor final movement or more to come. If more than it activates x-axis motor. X-axis motor starts repeating whole process which it previously did.
Than after full movement on x-axis and it activates y-axis motor.
This process is terminated when total movement defined for y-axis motor is achieved.



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