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Motorola Bluetooth charger to charge 3.7v li-ion batteries Answered

I have a little bluetooth charger that outputs 5.0V and 550mA, am I able to charge 3.7v li-ion batteries with this?


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Siddharth Jain
Siddharth Jain

Best Answer 8 years ago

Now, although Re-design's right in all respects!!!.....

But still, in case proper connections are made, YES!, your Li-ion batteriescan be charged via the charger you mentioned above...(infact, they can be charged via most of the mobile chargers) directly.....

But,, this can be EXTREMELY dangerous!!!.... Especially if you leave it to be charged for more than 1.5-2.5 hours unattended!!!.....

Do the math!....in case your battery is of say 1000mAh, you need to charge it for not more than 2hours(1hr 50min to be precise!!!...)...I say 1.5 hours should do the job!!!...

I personally have use a 5.3v charger to charge a 3.7v , 1000mAh battery directly.......(the battery is from my sister's 7 years old LG mobile)....and I have been charging the battery in the same fashion for about 3-4 months....and nothing wrong has happened up till now!!.... :D   But that doesn't mean that this is a safe way to charge a battery!!!......But, yes, this is possible for sure!!!.. :D

I'd suggest you to make the right connections and then plug in the charger!... leave it for about half an hour, and then check, if the battery has gained  some charge or not..... if it does, next time, try leaving it for 1-1.5 hours...... :D

Hope that answers your question!!!..... :D


8 years ago

Not safely. li-ion batteries are finicky and need to have a charger built for them. They tend to explode or violently catch fire sometimes if improperly charged. Google battery fire for more info and some really exciting videos.