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Mountain bike clipless shoes Answered

over the past month or so I have been building my own mountain bike, and the only things that are left to buy are a stem (which I will sort out at a later date) and clipless shoes.

I am a size 7/8UK (with wide flipper feet...) and have a budget of around 40GBP.

If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

EDIT: I took the plunge and spent over my budget (54GBP) but I was supporting a local bussiness and i got a nice chat.

I went for a EU size 45 Shimano MO76 SPD. I have plenty of room to grow in them (width and length) yet, they fit me now because of the easily adjustable generic hook and loop fasteners.

Apparently a EU45 is actually UK11! That is way bigger than my feet! Very strange.
I had a little look around online and discovered that I got them 1GBP cheaper in my local shop! I am yet to thoroughly test these shoes, and when I do I shall report back...with vengance.



10 years ago

Me, I can't think it is at all sensible to hurtle down a steep mountainside with your feet actually fastened to the bike... Still, bumped so that somebody who knows these things gets a chance to see it.