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Mouse left and right click keys added to a keyboard Answered

The software I use at work interfaces with JAVA so the enter and info keys on the keyboard do not work within JAVA scripted panels that pop up with simple OK or YES or Cancel buttons. I have to physically grab the mouse and click the button I want to continue after the click. This slows me down immensely. I cannot change the script (it's commercial software) and cannot add any software to the PC because the PC's are locked down securely. Remapping keys is locked out as well.

I want a wireless solution preferably USB that I can add the two keys above the arrow keys and below the word processing keys that only respond to the left click and right click of the mouse. I necessary I could use a wired version as long as it wouldn't interfere with my current wireless mouse/keyboard.

Any ideas out there? Am I explaining this properly?



7 years ago

You could certainly take any wired or wireless mouse and hack it down to just the L and R buttons. adding a long pair of wires from each button point on the mouse's main board so you can mount buttons on your keyboard. Or you could get a keyboard with an integrated touch pad like this one.

If you like a more ergonomic keyboard then this one would do nicely as well.

There are a great many keyboard options out there with integrated mice. They come in all sizes, configurations and typically priced around $50 or more. Whichever way you go having multiple keyboards or mice connected to the same PC isn't going to be an issue. I keep a track ball mouse and regular optical mouse plugged into my PC since my wife and i have different taste in mice.