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Movement simulator platform Answered

We are in search for ideas and/or off-the-shelf solutions for a mobility and toileting issue in response to the following request:

"The project proposal is called a \"Movement Simulation Platform\" which is intended to provide amazing sensory experiences for our students who would not be easily accessible to them otherwise.  The idea is to have the students pushed onto a large platform in their wheelchairs in front of a large screen (screen not part of project request).  On the screen will play some fantastic scenes such as hiking up a mountain, visiting different countries, driving a car, riding a roller coaster, etc.  The platform will also allow for very minor movements in all directions through the assistance of the adult holding the wheelchair (also standing on the platform).  We are imagining a very small displacement of movement in all directions (similar to a rocker board).  The platform would need to be a good size with borders and possibly a way to secure the wheelchair to the platform."

Happy to hear your ideas!

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6 years ago

Not what you're looking for but sega used to have a jet fighter game that turned 360 degrees on all axis...

If you got your hands on one and reprogrammed it, it would have everything built in - the downside being it would involve removing the participants from their chairs, which might not always be possible...

I'm sure there are equivalent games that would be a good starting point, I suspect those virtual rollercoasters are too expensive up front to be of use, even second hand...

Josehf Murchison

6 years ago

How much movement in degrees or inches over length?

How much weight should it hold?

What length and width?

What size and shape is the room?

Ramp for wheel chair should be at least 1 foot up ten foot out.