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Moving Back In With Your Parents?! Answered

Is this a good idea?

Who ever thinks moving back in with your parents is a GOOD thing? Perhaps when it comes with free room and board and helping you pay back your college loans.

Here's the deal:
I move States and help work at my brothers' store in exchange for not having to stress about rent, paying back college loans - basically about life.
But is it truly stress free?
What about the stress attained after reverting back to your childlike role?
Granted, I'll have more time to plan on grad school and writing on the side...

I can't stand my Dad. He's going senile and has a short temper after he gets into your business and doesn't understand - and I lack the patience.
He'll start yelling and reverting back to his "I'm the tyrannical boss" mode one moment and forget he wasn't as gentle as he is in the next.

I see my brothers - they're both in their 30s and technically, it's their house they want me to move into, but they don't date, they don't have time what with working so much. And my mom cooks all the time and I've already gained 10 pounds from the Christmas break visit.

I'm just wondering if life will ever be stress-free or if it just transcends...


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Zara Zoey
Zara Zoey

1 year ago

You have made a fair point, but ever since I have moved out, I am kinda stressed. There are lots of responsibilities to be tackled and resolved and I am kind of like on my own. It seems empowering but when you think about it, it kind of hurts.