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Mp3 Player Mod? Answered

I'm not really sure if this is the right forum to talk about this.
I did go to Tech, but I saw a topic about MP3 player Skin Mods here, so I thought if I could ask for some help.

I have an Mp3 Player, it's cute, runs on AAA batteries and an SD Card.
Here is the problem though.
It lacks any sort of Display. 
Like it's one of those screen less ones you find. 

I do have a spare screen lying over from a cellphone, so I was wondering if it could be possible to modify the inner workings of my MP3 Player so that I can finally see the name of the song I'm listening to. xP


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10 years ago

The big problem is that if you just have a spare LCD display, the LCD display only works with some kind of electronics controller to communicate with your device and sends the correct signals to the display panel. The screen is pretty useless without the rest of the cellphone. That said, even if you did have an external display that accepted some kind of video signal, you would have to figure out what and where the display signal comes out of your MP3 player. Tough to do.


Reply 10 years ago

Thank you for the comment.
I'll have to think about that now.