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Mp3 player power - on/off switch broke Answered


I have this mp3 player that is very good for my needs, but its power switch broke off.

When I opened the device, I realized that the switch was literally detached from it.

This is a photo of the mp3.

As the battery was almost detached aswell, I'll weld the it again, that is not a problem...

But I'm not sure how I can fix the switch, it can be something improvised, I just need it to work...

Any ideas?

Thank you so much in advance!!

P.S.: Sorry for any english mistakes, it is not my native language.

P.S.2.: This is a very old device but a good one, as least for me.


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3 years ago

Can you describe if it was a push_ON / push_off switch or

a slide switch and then which way was ON ?


Answer 3 years ago

BTW you take a very good photo.