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Multi Part Instructable? Answered

I am making an instructable for building a gas powered bicycle from scratch, but in it's current form, it is shaping up to have literally hundreds of steps. Is there a way to break it down into smaller sections in such a way that I could still enter it in a contest as one instructable? I was thinking perhaps I make an instructable that consists of only the introduction, followed by quick overviews of each part, with accompanying links to other instructables which are dedicated to each part. The way I am planning to do it, I would have one instructable for how to modify the engine, another one for choosing a good bicycle to motorize, another for mounting the engine to the bike frame, another for calculating gear ratios and setting up gear reduction, another for rebuilding the rear wheel, another for throttle linkage, another for exhaust systems, gas tanks, and air filters, another for all the other misc stuff you have to do, and finally one more for how to ride safely. So that would be 9 parts to the instructable, each their own instructable, which even split into 8 would make quite large instructables. Then the "parent" instructable, which would be the one I enter in contests, or which would be featured if it's worthy, would look like this:

How to build a 4hp motorized bicycle from scratch!

Blah blah blah introduction, nice pictures of finished bicycles, etc.

Step 1
short overview of specific part, ex modifying the engine, then link to another instructable providing detailed instructions on exactly how to modify the engine

Step 2
same format as step 1

and so on until all the parts are covered.

This would also be helpful to me because I could better organize the hundreds of images I have for this instructable, right now it is a huge pain in the butt to find any specific image, so much so that it's easier to upload them one by one as I need them just so I can keep track.

So, would this format be ok?



3 years ago

An idea I've seen some authors do is put multiple links in the intro or step 1 that link to steps further down, somewhat organizing the instructable with chapters like a book. They look something like this:

"How to build a really, super-duper mega-ultra Complex Thingy

Section One: Materials (steps 2 - 7)

Section Two: Assembly (steps 8 - 16)

Section Three: Calibration (steps 17 - 54)"

Each Section # title can be set as a link to the first step in that series of steps, so readers can quickly jump to wherever they want to go within the same instructable.


3 years ago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having hundreds of steps.

If you feel the need to break it up, each separate project should be "stand alone", so that you don't put off potential readers, but you can bring them all together into one place (one shareable link) by creating a Collection, or by means of a well-written over-ible (see Bravoechonovember's link).

It is possible that your over-ible would get featured, but it would, as I mentioned, need to be well written.


Reply 3 years ago

But there is something wrong with the manner with which the steps are organised if you have lots of steps

For large instructables it would be nice to subdivide your instructable into multiple chapters. And the author should be able to assign the step number instead of an automatic increment. For example If you want to explain an alternative way of doing some steps.

Also, every page in your instructable is a "step", except for the first one which is the "intro". It would be nice if you could add some pages of explanations on theory, materials and what not without it being counted as a step.

(I have been slowly working on writing out an instructable, but there are two semi-separate parts. The second part is a bunch of stuff you could do upon which to apply the first part. Having chapters would solve everything, because I can't just append the second part directly to the first. Also separate instructables is not an option too since the second part would be too small and useless without the main part)


Reply 3 years ago

The step numbering is an integral part of the way the site assigns URLs, so I doubt that can be changed.

On the rare times I have felt the need to number steps differently (less than 1% of the time), I have simply used step titles like "Construction (part 1)".


3 years ago

its been done.......