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Multi language instructables Answered

As a french user, there is a feature that I feel is lacking on the website: the possibility to translate an instructable to make it available for people who do not speak english.
There have been a few times here where an Instructable was the perfect how-to to share with people in my local maker community, but most french people are not fluent in english. So I had to translate it for them. Furthermore, I would be happy to translate some useful instructables here and there when needed around me. But this work is not shared to the community of Instructables and makers that could benefit from it, only to a few people around me.
Could there be a functionality on the website so that an instructable could be translated and made available in multiple languages ?
I do not mean that everything should be translated in every language and all, but if someone translates something, then it can be made available to other people speaking that language.

Well, I hope you consider it,
My 2 cents,

pol / littlevache



3 years ago

Thank you Downunder35m and Kiteman for your answers, but this is not really what I was meaning.

What I meant was: don't you think it would be a good idea to have, for any instructable, on the page of the instructable, the possibility to translate it and make it available. You can imagine a serie of flags showing the translations already availables in the "about" section, or something like that.

You are right, translation tools already exist, however I was not talking about the tools, but about the way to show and make it available through the instructables website.


Reply 3 years ago

I think this would be a bit complicated in terms of safety and other things.
No online translator is perfect, especially if the author of an Instructable is not perfect in the english language to start with.
As a worst case the translator could mix things and tell you to add the water to the acid - which would mean disaster for the person doing it.
And I highly doubt that a translation from within Instructables would be any better than the online ones.


Reply 3 years ago

You are totally right !

I didn't see the issue of the responsibility of the translation (acid, water, ...). Therefore, translations have to stay for local/personnal use only.

Well, thanks for your answer and explanations


3 years ago

As Downunder35m points out, online translation tools are freely available.

There are non-English sister-sites, but, unfortunately, none of them are French:


That may be, in part, due to a relative lack of French speakers in the USA, particularly in California.

Several authors post on the main site in dual languages, adding the google translation of their native tongue, so they should be searchable.

I don't know the future plans regarding the French language, but I imagine they are linked to the amount of traffic that comes from Francophone nations. In the mean time, you might want to offer to help folk out here: