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Multi touch switch for house lights Answered

Hello Everyone, I have seen that we can make a touch sensitive switch using the TTP223 or TTP224 Module but most of the instructables show you using them with an Arduino and on small LEDs. I was thinking of using the same module to act as a substitute for the regular switch for lighting in our homes without an Arduino. However since I'm new to this, I don't know if this can be achieved or not. Additionally I have read in the documentation of the TTP223 that the module supports two types of operating modes one is a momentary switch and the other one is the toggle mode. But I haven't seen any instructions on how to achieve the toggle switch mode. Request your help in getting this to work the way I want them to work. Thanks


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

I think the thing you want already exists in the form of a module, that is essentially a drop in replacement, for an ordinary light switch. By "ordinary", I mean a light switch made for use with a light, like for a room in a house, that is powered by AC mains power.

Just now I tried asking DuckDuckGo to show me images of , "touch sensitive AC light switch", here:


Do any of those pictures look like what you were imagining your desired light switch should look like?

I have also seen modules made for converting, like, a table lamp, to a touch sensitive lamp; i.e. the lamp turns on when someone touches the metal body of the lamp. Some of the results returned, in the image search linked above, are modules of that kind. Some look like they are made to fit in the same space as a ordinary, in the wall, mains power, light switch.

I mean, I think you'd be doing things the hard way, or how do they say: reinventing the wheel, if you tried to build this thing up from smaller modules, like these little, DC powered, touch sensitive breakout boards, plus Arduino, plus TRIAC to switch the AC, etc.