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Multiple Speaker Building Questions! :D Answered

Hey guys, first post here, so be kind, I suppose. :P

I'm building a set of speakers, loosely based off of the super loud, super long lasting speakers instructable (found here https://www.instructables.com/id/super-portable-super-loud-long-lasting-battery-/ ) I wanted to take these, and make them significantly better.

First of all, I was going to substitute in car speakers. The upside of that is that I also get bass without having to go out and buy woofers and wire up a crossover. I've been looking around on partsexpress, and it seems like most have an impedence of 4 ohms, and range from 75 to 150 RMS. I'm aware that the general rule of thumb is that you double the RMS for the amplifier. However, I'm not sure about soe of the other parts. Should the speakers be wired in series or parallel? If they're wired in parallel, should I be looking for an amp with 2 ohms of resistance, since it's two speakers at 4 ohms? If not, can speakers be easily wired in series?

Next question, batteries. Where in the hell do I get some good LiPo batteries? I know this thing is going to go through electricity like candy, so I want high wattage and high capacity.

The wattage brings me to my last question. These speakers are rated for a maximum input of 70 watts or more. I can't get a battery to go anywhere near that capacity. Will the speakers be harmed by a lower wattage supply? Significantly lower, I might add, most probably not more than twelve, even if I array the batteries into my own pack. How will that affect the speakers?

Sorry, one last; concerning the rule of thumb in which you should double the voltage of the speakers RMS for your amp, if I can't find an amp that does that exactly, should I have my amp be slightly overpowered, or slightly underpowered?

Thanks for all the help on this one :)



10 years ago

Re: speaker wiring--yes, you can wire speakers together, both in series and parallel (and a combination of the two.)

And yes, the total impedance of the speakers will change. Two 8 ohms speakers in parallel become a 4 ohm load. Two 8 ohm speakers in series make a 16 ohm load. Whenever possible, use the correct load as specified for the amplifier (or you could blow the amp.)

Since two speakers share the load, the total power-handling rating (wattage) increases, too.

Speaker wiring page.


10 years ago

Check R/C airplane sites like Tower Hobbies for great batteries. R/c airplane eat batteries like candy and those guys know all about the best batteries for high cap. long lasting. Speakers won't ever be hurt by using less power than the max. the batteries have little to do with the wattage. As long at they power the amp properly then the wattage of the amp is what you'llhave.